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The Ultimate Movie Experience


IMAX 3D® delivers the most immersive 3D movie experience ever created. During the IMAX 3D Experience®, images leap off the screen and into the laps of the
audience, making you feel like you are IN the movie.

The Challenger Learning Center IMAX 3D Experience is created through the combination of:
• Crystal-clear images on the area's largest screen
• 24,000 watts of laser-aligned digital sound
• IMAX’s customized theatre geometry that maximizes your field of view
• IMAX’s dual image projection system
• Polarized IMAX 3D glasses

IMAX theatres are the only place you can experience “in front of the screen” 3D. The area between the viewer’s seating position and the four corners of the screen is called the “viewing pyramid”. The larger viewing pyramid in an IMAX theatre allows 3D objects to appear life-size and closer to the audience. Sound is just as important as the images during an IMAX presentation. IMAX’s powerful digital audio system envelopes each viewer with sound that is as real and immersive as the images that float off the screen. All IMAX theatres are acoustically treated and tuned to IMAX’s exacting standards ensuring that each seat is in an optimum listening position.

To complete the effect of the IMAX® digital surround sound system, the huge IMAX® screens are perforated with thousands of tiny holes to allow the spine-tingling sound to flow through freely.IMAX® theatres’ specialized design and unobstructed views place audiences right in the on-screen action. The IMAX® theatre at the Challenger Learning Center features a screen five stories high and 70 feet wide, as well as specially designed multi-channel state-of-the-art 18,000-watt digital surround sound systems that deliver superb clarity and quality for maximum impact.

Giant Screen Certified

The Challenger Learning Center IMAX is a Giant Screen Certified Theater.



For more information on IMAX® technology, visit www.IMAX.com.