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Birthday Parties at the Challenger Learning Center




These are common questions and answers about birthday parties at the Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee. If you have additional questions, please contact our Birthday Party Coordinator at 850-645-7777 or sreaves@challengertlh.com.

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Party Guests

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Party Packages


What is included in a Challenger Learning Center birthday party?

We have several packages available to meet your birthday party needs. The basic package includes: birthday party hosts to assist you with your themed activities, Challenger Learning Center invitations, two hours of use of Classroom A for your birthday party, soft drinks in souvenir sipper cups, and thematic decorations. The premium package includes all the items in the standard package plus pizzas from Papa John’s (5 or 8), paper goods for children, and pitchers of soda, water, or lemonade for the adults attending. There are two options for basic and premium packages: 25 children (or less) or 15 children (or less).

Party Guests


How many guests can I invite?

We offer birthday parties for 25 children (or less) and 15 children (or less). For each party, activity materials will only be provided for the number of children included in your package. We have an “additional child” charge of $10.00 per child in place for parties with 1-4 extra children; if your count surpasses this, you will be required to pay for the larger package. The last day to make changes to your party package, including number of guests, is the Monday prior to your party.


Do the birthday child and his or her parent(s) count in the number of participants?

The birthday child is included in the number of children count. The number of children is important so we can have the correct amount of materials prepared for party activities. Parents are counted separately so we have adequate seating prepared.


What if I have guests who are under 2 years old? Do I have to pay for these guests?

Children under two years old are free and not included in the birthday party count, unless they are participating in the activities. We have parties in place for 2- and 3-year-olds, so these children will be included in your count. Adults are not considered participants, but please inform us of how many parents will be attending, for staffing and safety concerns.

What kinds of activities will my guests get to enjoy at the birthday party?
For a list of activities that your party may include, please view our Birthday Party Activities resource guide.

Reservation Information


How do I reserve a date for my child’s party?

To reserve a date and time for your child’s birthday party, please contact our Birthday Party Coordinator at (850) 645-7777 or sreaves@challengertlh.com. You will need to fill out a birthday party request form. To secure your date and receive your included party invitations, you must remit a $75.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. This deposit is payable once both you and the CLC Birthday Party Coordinator have signed your birthday party request form and mutually agree on a date and time to host your party. Reservations are based on space and availability. All birthday request forms must be finalized (signed and returned) at least two weeks prior to the date of the party. Please submit the birthday request form to the Birthday Party Coordinator, who will check on availability. Reservations are not considered final until confirmed by the Birthday Party Coordinator.


When is my final guest count due?

You will be contacted by a birthday party staff member approximately 10 business days (or more) prior to your birthday party date to go over all party details. The week before the party, you will be contacted again for the final count and any party changes. Final headcount is due no later than the Monday before the party. Any last-minute changes should be communicated to the birthday party staff member.

Pricing Information


Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes; to secure your date and receive your included party invitations, you must remit a $75.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. This deposit is payable once both you and the CLC Birthday Party Coordinator have signed your birthday party request form and mutually agree on a date and time to host your party. The deposit is not a fee in addition to the cost of the party; it will count toward your final amount due.

I am a member of the Challenger Learning Center; do I get a discount on my birthday party?

Challenger Learning Center family membership holders will receive a 10% discount on the birthday party package price. This discount does not apply to extras such as additional pizzas, sodas, cups, etc.



Where do my guests park?

The Challenger Learning Center does not have its own parking lot, however metered street parking is available downtown. The closest parking is at the Kleman Plaza Parking Garage. The garage may be accessed from Duval Street (east side/northbound) or Bronough Street (west side/southbound). On Saturdays and Sundays, parking is $1.00 (all day). No attendant is present on Sundays, and the automated cashier machine accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.


Where do my guests go when they arrive for the birthday party?

The main entrance to the Challenger Learning Center faces Kleman Plaza. Guests will enter the lobby through the main doors and be greeted by a host staff member who will direct them to the birthday party space. The birthday parties are held in the classrooms. The classrooms are located off the right hand side of the exhibit hall.


What happens if my guests arrive late?

Typically we will wait for at least half of your guests to arrive before beginning your activities. Late party arrivals may compromise your party schedule. A host staff member will direct late party guests to the birthday party space. No refunds are available for late arrivals, and a party will be considered cancelled if the birthday family does not arrive within 30 minutes of the reserved party time.


How will our party guests be recognized?

The birthday party will be exclusively in the classrooms where the children will be monitored by the birthday party staff. We understand that it can be difficult to know exactly how many children will arrive on the day of a party, but please be aware that you will be charged for any additional children above the final count.



How is the party room decorated? Can I bring my own decorations?

Our birthday party room will be decorated according to your chosen theme. Tables will be set with table confetti and we have several centerpieces for select tables.Tablecloths are provided for the food table and parent tables. Solid-colored paper goods will be added with the premium package. Party favors are souvenir sipper cups from the Challenger Learning Center, which the children will drink from during the party. We also have a corn hole set that can match any theme and a “Happy Birthday” banner that is hung. Additional decorations are included depending on the theme; ask the Birthday Party Coordinator for more details. If you wish to bring additional party décor (balloons, banners, etc.) please let the Birthday Party Coordinator know in advance so we can work with you to make sure the decorations are cohesive. No banners or other decorations may be taped/secured to painted walls and we reserve the right to prohibit certain decorations for fire, safety or environmental concerns.  No pinatas are permitted.


Are food and cake included in the birthday package?

Food is only included in our premium birthday party packages. The following food is included: cheese and/or pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s (5 pizzas for the 15 child (or less) package, 8 pizzas for the 25 child (or less) package), soft drinks in souvenir sipper cups for the number of children, and pitchers of soda for the adults (5 pitchers for the 15 (or less) package, 8 for the 25 (or less) package). The drink selection includes: water, lemonade, Sprite, Coke, and Diet Coke.


Pizza and paper goods will not be provided for adults, but you do have the option to order additional pizzas for a fee if you'd like to feed the adults. You may bring your own additional paper goods or purchase additional paper goods from the CLC for your adult guests. Additional cheese or pepperoni pizzas may be purchased for $10.00 each. Specialty pizzas are sold at $13.00 each. Cake is not included in the birthday package, but you are welcome to bring your own. We have found that cupcakes are more popular. No homemade cakes are permitted.

Are paper goods included in my party materials?

Paper goods are included in the premium package only. Paper goods will be included to serve all children in your party, but paper goods are not provided for your adult guests. You may bring your own paper goods, or purchase them from the CLC. Paper goods to serve up to 15 will be offered for a $4.00 upcharge; paper goods to serve up to 25 will be offered at a $6.00 upcharge.


Can we bring our own food and/or cake to the celebration?

Outside food and cakes are welcome, but all outside food must either be catered or pre-packaged. For example, trays from fast food restaurants, bags of chips, and grocery store sub sandwiches are all acceptable. NO HOMEMADE BIRTHDAY CAKES ARE PERMITTED. No reductions will be made in the price of the birthday package if you supply your own food; you may either order the standard package or add your own food to the premium package. Please note: alcoholic beverages including beer and wine are prohibited at children’s parties.

I would like to provide my adult guests with food that’s different from the children’s menu – is this possible?

As stated above, outside food is permitted as long as it is catered from a restaurant or licensed caterer, or pre-packaged/store-bought. Food not included in the premium package will not be provided by the CLC.

What Dippin' Dots flavors are available for pre-order?
Chocolate, vanilla, and birthday cake flavors are available. You must pre-order a minimum of 10 Dippin' Dots to receive the discounted rate of $3.00 each. We reserve the right to substitute flavors if we are out of a requested flavor.



What is your cancellation policy?

All parties must be cancelled at least seven business days before the date of the party. If a party is cancelled less than seven business days prior to the party, the CLC reserves the right to charge the full party package amount.

Each event will start on time. Late party arrivals risk an altered schedule. No refunds are available for late arrivals; a party will be cancelled if the birthday family does not arrive within 30 minutes of the reserved party time.


What if I need to change the date of my party but have already submitted the request form?

Once your request form has been returned to you with the CLC Birthday Party Coordinator’s signature, your party is reserved. Should your plans change and you wish to reschedule, please contact the CLC Birthday Party Coordinator as soon as possible. Event dates are subject to availability, so the Coordinator will schedule a new party at his/her discretion.


What if the weather is bad and we are unable to get to the CLC for our party?

If there is extreme weather on or around the date of your event, the CLC reserves the right to charge the full amount due if the CLC is able to remain open for business. In the event that the CLC is officially closed, we will not charge the full amount due, but will reschedule your party for a later date.

More Information


Who do I contact if I need additional information?
For additional questions, please contact our Birthday Party Coordinator at (850) 645-7777 or sreaves@challengertlh.com. We will respond to your questions as soon as possible.


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